Catherine (Kate) Anthon Turner

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The Turner ID is also highly questionable. See:

It is worth posting, a passport application dated Sept. 26, 1864 (with witnesses Joseph B. Nones, Notary Public, and Edward Clark) for Mrs. Catherine M. Turner, born 12 March 1831 in Cooperstown, gives a "Description of Mrs. Catherine M. Turner:
Age, 33
Stature 5 Feet 3 Inches
Forehead, Medium height
Eyes, Hazel (dark)
Nose, Ordinary size
Mouth, Small
Chin, Round
Hair, Black
Complexion, Florid
Face, Oval"

You had pointed me to this passport application, Kelly, and thanks for adding it here. Besides the fact that different lightings create different enough impressions that the same person can appear to have very dark or significantly lighter eyes, the fact that Kate Scott's eyes are described as hazel is important. Anyone with hazel eyes knows that her eyes can look very different in color depending on what color clothes she wears (I happen to be one of those hazel-eyed people myself).
--Martha Nell Smith